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Organic Hemp Heating Pad Combo Pack

Organic Hemp Heating Pad Combo Pack includes our Organic Hemp heating pad is filled with flax seed and lavender to relax tension in the body while soothing achy joints, neck, back, knees, and more. Microwave as a heating pad or chill in the freezer. Dimensions 26" x 6". Please use caution when heating average heating time is 2-3 minutes. Test the heat level before using. 

Relief Cream is formulated with our patent-pending nano CBD delivery system (Broad Spectrum CBD) that optimizes absorption. The Daily Balance oral spray is formulated to support calm and tranquility in your busy life and fits in the palm of your hand. Our proprietary blend of hemp-derived broad spectrum nano-cannabidiol (CBD) and Suntheanine (l-theanine) work together synergistically. Our Organic Hemp Heating Pad Combo Pack is the perfect starter pack or gift set. Each batch is third-party tested to ensure purity and potency and made with organic and natural ingredients. 


Organic Hemp Heating Pad Combo Pack Includes:

-1 Hemp Heating Pad

-1 Daily Balance Oral Spray

-Relief Cream